Enjoy and Celebrate EARTH on this DAY – tomorrow, April 19

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“I am prepared to evolve. Are you?” is the ending line in the Conservation International video where Julia Roberts portrays the voice of Mother Nature. Have you seen it? In this Nature is Speaking series, many celebrities joined the effort to lend us their voice, with Harrison Ford as The Ocean, Kevin Spacey as The Rainforest, Robert Redford as The Redwood, and more. They are all well worth watching, yet it is Julia Roberts’ voice that is now stuck in my head with that haunting question that Nature is indeed asking of all of us:

“I am prepared to evolve. Are you?”

Enjoy and Celebrate EARTH on this DAY is tomorrow, Sunday April 19. I hope you are planning to join us, and if so, make sure to RSVP.

See you tomorrow!

Barbara English, LMFT
Founder and Executive Director, Living Ubuntu
(949) 891-2005

[Ubuntu] n. Every human being truly becomes a human by means of relationships with other human beings


Leadership and Peace Building (Golden West Peace Studies Program)
Friday April 24 8:30a-5p
Huntington Beach

Food Sustainability: Good Intentions and Unintended Consequences (United Nations Association-OC)
Saturday April 25, 10a-12p
Santa Ana

TRE Global Certification Module I
Friday May 1 – Sunday May 3
San Diego


We are part of nature – Join us April 19

Hi everyone,

We humans have challenges for myriad reasons. I often think about how many difficulties are the first, second or third hand result of cumulative stress and unresolved trauma. It is our survival mechanism to activate the fight-flight-freeze mechanism as our primitive brain sees fit. If we are truly endangered, this is a really, really good thing. However, if we stay in this state unnecessarily, the price paid includes that we lose access to our ability to self-reflect, experience the sensations of embodiment, find pleasure in affiliative bonds, and resonate with the natural world we are part of. We lose Ubuntu.

Resolving trauma is essential for restoring healthy relationships with ourselves and each other – and – for restoring the critically important awareness that we are part of nature. Continue reading

Enjoy and Celebrate EARTH on this DAY, Sunday April 19

Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.
– Thich Nhat Hanh

Hi everyone,

April is Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month. It is also the month that contains Earth Day. Last April, as many of you know, we hosted a six event commemorative film series noting each of the genocides with dates of remembrance in April. This year, let’s greatly expand the focus of what we need to be addressing as ‘prevention’ by recognizing the role of climate change and make use of the timing of Earth Day to do it. Addressing the current climate crisis is a daunting challenge, and on our current path, likely to greatly detract from global health, increase conflict, and limit access to life-sustaining resources. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by it and just shut down. Sometimes we need to take a step back, take a breath, re-group and allow a different, more helpful perspective to emerge spontaneously and from the heart.

On Sunday, April 19 Orange County for Climate Action will host Enjoy and Celebrate EARTH on this DAY. Continue reading

Get some relief! Registration for TRE series ends this Friday, Feb 13

Hi everyone,

I hear people talking about feeling overwhelmed more than ever before. It is evident that the vast majority of us are being traumatized by trying to keep up with the day to day commitments of daily living. The ‘day to day’ no longer consists of just keeping up with family, friend and employer commitments; it includes the impossibility of keeping up with a seemingly endless stream of digital communications. Then there’s the additional overwhelm of noting the world around us, e.g. global warming, mass atrocities, petty, polarized politics, etc. Not to mention the emotional contagion of stressed-out states in other humans; it takes an awful lot of groundedness to be able to resist getting swept up into someone else’s experience. When things really get to be too much, we go a little numb, but that doesn’t do anything to address the root of the problem, we just temporarily feel it less. And we can’t think our way out of it because the problem isn’t coming from the rational brain.

It is our nervous system that needs to shift, and that is best accomplished by doing something that speaks its language. When the old way stops working – even though it’s hard to add anything additional into the schedule — it’s time to try something new :)

Seriously — come get some relief! Join us for the upcoming Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) 8-session group series. This coming Sunday February 15 9a-11a in Santa Ana is the first session of In a Gentle Way You Can Shake Your World. The registration deadline is Friday February 13. (What is TRE?)

Also – on Saturday February 28, Orange County for Climate Action is hosting A Screening of Cowspiracy in Irvine. Click here for details.


Barbara English, LMFT
Founder and Executive Director, Living Ubuntu
(949) 891-2005

[Ubuntu] n. Every human being truly becomes a human by means of relationships with other human beings.

In a Gentle Way You Can Shake the World – Gandhi

In a gentle way, you can shake the world. – Gandhi

Hi everyone,

Thanks again to everyone that recently attended Toward a More Peaceful World. As follow-up to that event, In a Gentle Way You Can Shake Your World (2015) — an 8-session Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) group series in Santa Ana starts Sunday February 15. This group is open to the public, regardless of prior TRE experience (preregistration is required, no walk-ins).

Participating in this group is a great way to continue what you learned during the Dr. David Berceli workshop, and, it is also a great first experience if you missed the workshop and have never learned TRE before. If it is your first time, attendance at the first session is required. Life is busy, so you can come to as many or as few as your schedule permits, however, the benefits of TRE practice are cumulative and gain momentum over time, so I would strongly encourage you to attend as many as you can. If you attend six or more sessions, you will notice far more change than attending fewer sessions. And the group as a whole will also benefit from having consistency in attendees. I will give a little bit of instruction on a different topic each time, but the majority of time will be spent in the actual practice of TRE.

Living Ubuntu is a volunteer-run organization. I will be donating my time for this group. All net proceeds will benefit Phase 3: Trauma Recovery for East Africa Refugees in San Diego. Once again, here is an opportunity for you to invest in your own well-being, while supporting TRE research, and helping us to provide services to a traumatized population that often doesn’t get help recovering, all at the same time! :)

February 15 is less than two weeks away, and space is limited, so it’s time to sign up. Register here.

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What if our worldview just can’t perceive climate change? Why trauma recovery is essential.

A couple of weeks ago I had a meeting in Carlsbad. As I drove south on the I-5 freeway, the coastal view was beautiful. I began to reflect on how I have lived my entire life in Southern California. While I complain about many aspects of what life is like living in Orange County, there are so many other aspects that I really love and appreciate. As I continued to ponder the beauty of the ocean, I felt a wave of deep grief and sadness. How long would it look like this? How long until living in Southern California is no longer a great place to live? Beyond those questions I felt deep sorrow about where we are at this point in time as a species, and for how greatly alienated from and abusive toward Mother Earth we have been and continue to be.

I never pictured moving from this area – until recently. Now, as I absorb the very grave state of our planet including the implications of the current, ongoing, devastating drought in California, I have come to realize there might come a time I will need to leave, and possibly many others also. Continue reading

Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) Global Certification Module II Training in San Diego


Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE)
Global Certification Module II Training in San Diego (2015)

This workshop is open to those have completed Module I and are in the certification process.

Friday, October 9 – Sunday, October 11, 2015
9:30a – 5:00p each day

1090 University Avenue, Loft 202B
San Diego, CA 92103

Registration (September 1, 2015 – September 30, 2015): $450.00

Space is limited, register early!

TRE Global Certification Module I in San Diego May 1-3, 2015

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