Interdependence, Ubuntu, and ‘widening our circles of compassion’

V3 Biodiversity“Our task must be to free ourselves … by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”
  Albert Einstein


Hi everyone,

After organizing or co-organizing 18 public events so far in 2017, Living Ubuntu won’t be quite as ‘public’ this summer. We are taking a bit of time for organizational and personal soul-searching, and working to refine and revitalize our mission, vision, approach and website. Meanwhile, we are continuing to work on “So Give Me An F,” with feature length documentary film release date scheduled for later this year.

For now, as many in the U.S. plan to celebrate Independence Day tomorrow, I offer you a gentle reminder of interdependence and interconnection with a video released way back in 2008 by the Global Oneness Project explaining what “Ubuntu” means.
Watch video here.

Also – check out this great resource from One Green Planet for super-tasty plant-based 4th of July eating.

In the spirit of Ubuntu,
Barbara English, LMFT, CBT, TRE® Certification Trainer

Co-founder and Executive Director, Living Ubuntu
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[Ubuntu] n. We belong to the greater whole.

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