Today is World Oceans Day | Love Thy Nature June 26

Hi everyone,

There has been a lot going on in this Presidential Election! With so much that is important and competing for our attention, you might not have noticed that today, June 8 is World Oceans Day.

Why is that so significant? Well, for instance, did you know that most of the oxygen we breathe comes from the ocean? And have you heard about how the ocean is currently in extreme peril?

Great Barrier Reef: diving in the stench of millions of rotting animals – video

If a healthy ocean is completely essential for keeping us alive, you’d think every day should be World Oceans Day. But it isn’t. Just today. One day a year to draw attention to it. One day to give thanks and applaud the ocean for keeping us living and breathing. One day to admire with awe and wonder how amazingly, incredibly beautiful it is. One day to dig deeper into understanding its struggle to survive.

Today – what can you do? Get started in making change – just do one thing. Here are a few suggestions.

  • How about eating organic plant-based food today? Both the fishing industry and land-based animal agriculture are highly destructive to the ocean.
  • Decrease the amount of plastic you use. For instance, did you know that at many stores you can buy re-usable beverage straws made out of stainless steel or glass, eliminating the need for disposable plastic ones?
  • Get more actively involved in the critically important efforts to slow climate change.
  • Read a fascinating recently released book by Jonathan Balcombe, “What a Fish Knows: The Inner Lives of Our Underwater Cousins”.
  • Go to the beach and admire the living organism that supports us. Breathe in the ocean air and feel the connection to the greater whole.

Please come join us, Sunday, June 26, 6pm at Golden West College when we will screen the amazing film, Love Thy Nature – (RSVP).

Scroll down for more upcoming events.

Thanks for staying engaged,
Barbara English, LMFT, CBT, TRE® Certification Trainer
Co-founder and Executive Director, Living Ubuntu

(949) 891-2005
[Ubuntu] n. Every human being truly becomes a human by means of relationships with other human beings


Living Vegan Meetingtomorrow!
Thursday, June 9, 6:30pm

Orange County for Climate Action (OCCA) Meeting
Wednesday, June 15, 6:30pm

Living Vegan “Social” at Vegan Nirvana
Thursday, June 16, 6:30pm
Huntington Beach

A Screening of Love Thy Nature — time to RSVP!
Sunday, June 26, 6:30pm
Huntington Beach

Hike in Aliso Wood Canyon / Lunch at Native Foods Cafe
Saturday, July 16, 9:00am – hike, 11:00am – lunch
Aliso Viejo

A Screening of PlantPure Nation save the date, more info soon!
(featuring certified plant-based nutritionist, Laura Oatman)

Sunday, July 31, 6:00pm

Permaculture Workshop & Visit with the Animals save the date, more info soon!
(featuring Jessica Due of Kindred Spirits Care Farm)

Sunday, August 14, 10:00am – 2:00pm

A Screening of Peaceable Kingdom save the date, more info soon!
Sunday, August 21, 7:00pm

Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®) Module II Certification Training early registration through July 29
Friday, August 26 – Sunday, August 28, 9:30am – 5pm each day
San Diego


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