Happy New Year! Let’s evolve into a more ethical, moral and caring species.

This era of human history is witnessing tremendous trauma on a global scale. It seems impossible to try and stop such tragedy despite our greatest desires to do so. In light of this unstoppable, irreversible and seemingly self-destructive era of our humanity, we need to ask: What possible good can come of all this violence? Once again, if we view trauma as a part of life, we must consider the possibility that the large scale trauma that we are experiencing has the potential of helping us evolve into a more ethical, moral and caring species. This global trauma can be viewed as the pain of the human species going through the birthing canal to be born into a new era of human consciousness.
 – Dr. David Berceli
(creator of TRE)

Hi everyone,

2014 is almost over and what a year it’s been for Living Ubuntu!

With an enormous amount of help from dedicated volunteers and collaborating partners, we did a lot of really incredible, amazingly great events, covering everything from the stories of genocide survivors and refugees, to climate change, to trauma recovery.  Click here to see all 2014 events and photos.

In addition to teaching Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) at the Intro level, we greatly expanded our efforts by offering TRE Certification Trainings to increase the number of people locally well-equipped to assist in helping others recover. Beyond that, we also launched a pilot / research project: Trauma Recovery for East African Refugees in San Diego and have been getting extremely positive feedback from the women in the groups.

And with the intention of increasing local action on climate change, we partnered with United Nations Association of Orange County to form Orange County for Climate Action (OCCA). We are pleased to have the additional partnership of Orange County Interfaith Coalition for the Environment and The Grain Project. In 2015, we hope our alliance will grow :)

If you want to see what’s coming in 2015, scroll down to see our upcoming events (and meetings for those who want to jump in and join us!).

Today is the last day to make your end-of-the-year gift to Living Ubuntu and receive a 2014 tax deduction. Thank you so very much for your continued engagement and support. We wouldn’t be able to continue without you.

My wish for 2015:
May 2015 be the year that we all make our own trauma recovery the very highest priority above all else. May it be the year more than any other where we do what must be done. May we have the wisdom to find our own best path of healing, restoration and joy, and the courage to keep walking it. May we all commit to the journey required to evolve into a more conscious, compassionate species, caring for all living beings, perceiving how we belong to one another and are part of the greater natural world around us. May our hearts and minds be re-awakened and our bodies come back to life. In 2015, may we find peace.

Happy New Year!

Barbara English, LMFT
Founder & Executive Director, Living Ubuntu
(949) 891-2005
[Ubuntu] n. a person is a person through other persons


Living Ubuntu planning meeting
Tuesday, January 6, 2014, 6:30p – 8p

Orange County for Climate Action (OCCA) planning meeting (a Living Ubuntu and UNA-OC partnership)
Wednesday, January 7, 2014, 6:30p – 8p –  CANCELLED

Patty’s office: 2424 SE Bristol Street, Suite 300, Newport Beach, CA 92660
If you arrive late, the door will be locked. To be let in, call Patty’s cell: 949.246.2969
Call in option: 951.262.4343 | Participant access code: 377504

Toward a More Peaceful World  – time to register for both events!
I.) A 2-day TRE workshop featuring Dr. David Berceli
Saturday January 17 – Sunday January 18 (9a-4:30p each day)

II.) Living Ubuntu’s 10th Birthday Celebration
Saturday January 17 (6p-8:30p)
Huntington Beach
In a Gentle Way You Can Shake Your World (2015)
8 2-hour group TRE sessions
Sunday February 15 – Sunday April 12 (3-5p)
Orange County

A Screening of Cowspiracy – OCCA
Saturday February 28 (6:30p – 9p)

TRE Global Certification Module I
Friday May 1 – Sunday May 3
San Diego

TRE Global Certification Module II
Friday October 9 – Sunday October 11
San Diego

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