… the nervous system must mature…

The concept of energy is foreign to and rejected by many people raised in the West. And why shouldn’t that be, when so often all a person is aware of in their own body is their tensions, as varied as those tensions maybe? Many people are unaccustomed to sensing themselves; they may be unaware of the distinctions between sensation, emotions, and thought. It is as if they are locked in only one tiny room of a mansion, and have misplaced the keys.

To actually perceive the fine energies flowing through the body would mean reestablishing those long-lost ties with sensation. It is a process that can’t be done for us, we can’t send our body in for a tune-up as we send in our automobile. For real contact to be established, the nervous system must mature. We have to pay the price of becoming aware of ourselves – as we are.

– Liz Koch

Hi everyone,

In the above quote, I especially appreciate the phrase, “…the nervous system must mature.” Perhaps for our species to evolve it is the collective nervous system that must mature.

This time of year often gets hectic. An optimal time for self-reflection can easily get missed.

So – right now, I invite you to pause for just a moment and breathe.

Notice your own breath, the quality of your breathing, and what it tells you about the state of your being. Notice what enters your awareness as information from the sensations of your body or the lack of them. Then stay with it for however long it feels good to just keep breathing and noticing. You might begin to reflect upon the state of your own life, seeing what you notice, while returning to your breath and the sensations of your body time and again so as to not get lost in cut-off thoughts. Notice yourself — as you are. You have control – do it only if it feels good to do – staying with it only for the amount of time that feels right for you. Afterward – try to not abruptly shift back into rushing around – go slowly – allow integration to set in – observe what, if anything, changed. Then see how much you can re-enter your day, keeping within you this slightly different state that your own breath took you into.

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Barbara English, LMFT
Founder & Executive Director, Living Ubuntu
(949) 891-2005

[Ubuntu] n. a person is a person through other persons


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