Taking TRE to the next level: Training and Research

This era of human history is witnessing tremendous trauma on a global scale. It seems impossible to try and stop such tragedy despite our greatest desires to do so. In light of this unstoppable, irreversible and seemingly self-destructive era of our humanity, we need to ask: What possible good can come of all this violence? Once again, if we view trauma as a part of life, we must consider the possibility that the large scale trauma that we are experiencing has the potential of helping us evolve into a more ethical, moral and caring species. This global trauma can be viewed as the pain of the human species going through the birthing canal to be born into a new era of human consciousness.
– Dr. David Berceli

Hi everyone,

We have done many events over the years featuring Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE). We have done everything from bringing its creator, Dave Berceli, out here to give workshops, to participating in ongoing practice together for years in the Ubuntu groups, to the incorporation of TRE into a variety of retreats and other experiential settings.

TRE has been extremely beneficial to me personally and I have had the privilege of witnessing delightful transformations in the lives of those willing to commit to an ongoing practice with it. Beyond a moment’s relief, over time, it has the power to bring resolution, restoration, and healing.

Now we are taking TRE to the next level in two inter-related ways: Training and Research.

1.)    We will be offering TRE Level I Certification Training in San Diego August 22 – 24.
This training is for those who seek to go deeper in their TRE learning experience. This 3-day workshop is a professional level training and the first step toward certification for those who want to learn how to teach it to others. (Level II will be offered December 5-7, more info soon.)

2.)   On September 6 we will launch Phase3: Trauma Recovery for East African Refugees in San Diego.
This pilot research project will allow us to teach TRE to 20 female refugees with faculty from National University analyzing the effectiveness of this approach.

Our long-term goal is to increase opportunities for trauma recovery, especially for populations that often have high-need and limited access, such as refugees. Toward that end, in the future we will be seeking local refugee leaders that want to go through the TRE certification process in order to work within their own community, teaching in their Mother Tongue.

I am delighted that a few of the Living Ubuntu volunteers who are committed to helping us develop local refugee projects have decided to pursue TRE certification and will be attending in August and December. I hope you will likewise join us.

We have many exciting things happening, too much for one email. More event info is below and watch for additional updates soon!

Barbara English, LMFT
Founder & Executive Director, Living Ubuntu
livingubuntu.org | facebook | donate »
(949) 891-2005

[Ubuntu] n. Every human being truly becomes a human by means of relationships with other human beings.


Screening of God Grew Tired of Usnew date!
Sunday, July 27 6:30p-9p

Living Ubuntu Planning Meeting – all are welcome, come join us!
Tuesday July 15 6:30p
1151 Dove St #210 Newport Beach CA 92660
Conference call-in number: 951.262.4343 | Access code: 377504

LU & UNA-OC – Global Warming Collaborative Planning Meeting
Wednesday, July 30 6:30p

2424 SE Bristol St #300 Newport Beach CA 92660
If your arrive late, the door will be locked, call Patty’s cell to be let in: 949.246.2969
Conference call-in number: 951.262.4343 | Access code: 377504

TRE Certification Level I Training – space is limited; time to register!
Friday August 22 – Sunday August 24
San Diego

TRE Certification Level II Training save the date!
Friday December 5 – Sunday December 7
San Diego


UNA-USA OC Chapter – Coffee Talk
Saturday July 26 10a-12p
Santa Ana

South Sudanese and Sudanese Annual Picnic
Saturday, July 26 9a-8p
San Diego


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