When Sudan is the better option, you know it’s bad

Differences are not intended to separate, to alienate. We are different precisely in order to realize our need of one another.
– Desmond Tutu

Hi everyone,

Today is World Refugee Day. How often do you think about refugees?

“The number of people forced to flee their homes across the world has exceeded 50 million for the first time since the second world war… half… are children” (src). Due to ongoing and new global conflicts, combined with ever-growing effects of global warming, this number is apt to continue to be on the rise. The East African refugee population alone in San Diego has easily exceeded 20,000 for many years. If more are on their way, how well-prepared are we to help them?

Right now, those from South Sudan have an especially difficult, at times agonizing, situation to deal with. Those who live locally have many friends and family remaining in their homeland. Due to the extreme nature of the violence that began December 15, 2013, keeping track of friends and family in South Sudan, many frequently in danger, is challenging.

Meanwhile, in the Darfur and South Kordofan regions of Sudan, government attacks on civilians have escalated, including the bombing of medical facilities (src). Despite this, months ago, many Sudanese refugees in South Sudan fled back to Sudan, deeming it better to dodge bombs than bullets. Recent reports have also indicated large numbers of South Sudanese seeking refuge in South Kordofan and Darfur.

When Sudan is the better option, you know it’s gotten really, really bad: Seven Million at Risk of Disease, Hunger in South Sudan – UN.

In light of this, please:  Ask the U.S. Government to double down on diplomacy for Sudan and South Sudan.

On July 26 (UPDATE — new date: July 27) in Irvine we are going to screen the film, God Grew Tired of Us. This excellent documentary tells the story of three from South Sudan, who became refugees in Kakuma, and then made the complicated journey to life in America. That evening, we will also be talking about our project, Trauma Recovery for East African Refugees in San Diego, scheduled to launch this fall. We would love to have you be part of that conversation, so please mark your calendars now.

And if you’re local and free tomorrow evening, come out to World Refugee Day in Anaheim. I’ll be with the folks from UNA-OC. Come say “hi”. Details are below.

With gratitude for your engagement and support,

Barbara English, LMFT
Founder & Executive Director, Living Ubuntu
livingubuntu.org | facebook | donate »
(949) 891-2005

[Ubuntu] n. Every human being truly becomes a human by means of relationships with other human beings.


Global Warming Collaborative Planning Meetingnote: change of meeting location
Wednesday, June 25 6:30p
Patty’s office: 2424 SE Bristol Street, Suite 300, Newport Beach, CA 92660
If you arrive late, the door will be locked. To be let in, call Patty’s cell: 949.246.2969
Conference call-in number: (951) 262-4343 | Participant access code: 377504

Living Ubuntu Planning Meeting – all are welcome :)
Tuesday July 15 6:30p
1151 Dove Street #210
Newport Beach CA 92660
Conference call-in number: (951) 262-4343 | Participant access code: 377504

Screening of God Grew Tired of Us
Saturday, July 26 6:30p-9p
Sunday, July 27 6:30-9p – new date!

TRE Certification Level I Training– registration site is up!
Friday August 22 – Sunday August 24
San Diego


World Refugee Day – Orange County
Saturday June 21 5p-8:30p


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