The tshirts have arrived!

What is Ubuntu? Kickstarter by Ashley Strong

Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.
– Hank Rosso

Hi everyone,

The first week of our Kickstarter campaign was great.  We passed the 50% mark and raised over $500.  Thank you so much for your support!

Some of you have asked questions about the tshirts.

What do they look like?  Are all photos on one tshirt?  Or are there multiple tshirts?
We just got a first batch of sample t-shirts earlier this week.  Here are pictures featuring our lovely models – Joese Gloria and Kasi TeYana – wearing the “Interconnectedness” tshirt.  Thanks guys!  This tshirt is the first in the series of five.

Interconnected with models 16x10

Joese Gloria and Kasi Teyana wearing the “Interconnectedness” tshirt

Are there separate men’s & women’s styles?  How do I specify the size?
T-shirts are available in men’s & women’s small/medium/large.  Once the Kickstarter campaign ends, if we have met our goal by December 18th, we will send a survey to all backers asking for their choice of design, style and size.  If you’d like any other sizes, please let us know.

By reaching our Kickstarter goal of $1000 in pledges by December 18th, we will have the funds to print the first batch of t-shirts.

The campaign ends in 9 days.  If you were planning to order (pledge), please do so now.  Half of all proceeds will go to supporting our Trauma Recovery Project for Refugees & Immigrants.

Can’t purchase a tshirt at this time?  No worries.  Please tell your friends about this campaign.  Forward this email to them, post it on Facebook, or Twitter.  You could even consider the old-fashioned way, send them a hand-written card… but you better get it in the mail today as the postal service has had an awful lot of letters to Santa this year… ;)

We appreciate your involvement and support.

Barbara & Anshul
Founders, Living Ubuntu
(949) 891-2005


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