“If only my stomach were flat…”


“In the midst of a war on Iraq, in a time of torture camps and daily bombings, when civil liberties are disappearing as fast as the ozone layer, when one out of three women in the world will be beaten or raped in her lifetime, why write a play about my stomach?

Maybe because my stomach is one thing I feel I have control over, or maybe because I have hoped that my stomach is something I could get control over….

Maybe… I have bought into the idea that if my stomach were flat, then I would be good, and I would be safe.  I would be protected.  I would be accepted, admired, important, loved.”

— Eve Ensler, The Good Body (read the complete quote)

Hi everyone,

“If only my stomach were flat…”
“If only I made more money…”
“If only I had more time …”
“If only I could just keep going…”
If only…

We are prone to bargaining, a lot.  We fall into wishful thinking, frequently.  It comes in myriad forms, claims a limitless list of topics, and often has very little to do with the real issues that are bothering us.  And if ever there is a time of year when it’s at its peak, it’s the Holidays.

Ideal images of perfectly selected gifts, decorations and dinners all fall flat when stress and unrealistic expectations take a toll on relating… when there is an absence of feeling ‘together with’ those one is together with.

(Sigh…) “If only this year could be different…”

We are doing a retreat in January called “If only…” because accepting painful realities can be really, really hard, and grief, our best friend in need of embrace on the long, long, long road to acceptance, has a tendency to show up incognito.  After the holiday season is over, come join us for this retreat in Julian the last weekend in January (25-27).   All details are on our website.

The deposit deadline is easy to remember if you are up on the end of the Mayan calendar.  Same date, Friday, 12/21/12 :)

From the belly,

Barbara English
Executive Director, Living Ubuntu
(949) 891-2005

* * *

“If only . . .”

Grief and the long, long, long road to acceptance

2013 Living Ubuntu Winter Retreat

Friday to Sunday, January 25-27 2013

Julian, CA

Click here to find out more »

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One thought on ““If only my stomach were flat…”

  1. I am SO right there with you! The other day we had not gotten some money that we needed and I was SO pissed off. But then I remembered the problems in Syria and thought someone else REALLY needs the luck and you silly stupid selfish American. GOD I wish I was less aware.

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