“What is Ubuntu?” kickstarter campaign by Ashley Strong

What is Ubuntu? Kickstarter by Ashley Strong

Update 12/20:
Yay! We reached our Kickstarter goal.

Update 12/16:
48 hours and counting…

Update 12/9:
The tshirts have arrived!

Hi everyone,

Time after time, when we meet someone new, we get asked — “What does Ubuntu mean?”

When we started Living Ubuntu back in 2005, we knew trauma wasn’t well understood by many people, and it certainly wasn’t being adequately addressed.  In our culture there are a lot of things we don’t know how to deal with very well.  We ignore our trauma.  We ignore our grief.  We ignore our need to heal.  But we’re good at keeping busy, and we just keep going…

Ubuntu is at the heart of our philosophy about healing.  We are all in this together.  To heal, we need each other.  Healing does not happen in isolation.  What affects you, affects me.

For the past 9 months, we’ve been working with Ashley Strong, a talented local photographer and artist, to design 5 tshirts that explain — What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu refers to the way we are human together.  It means many things including, Interconnectedness, Empathy, Compassion, Authenticity and Forgiveness.

To capture the essence of these themes has been a challenge, yet Ashley’s photographs and design are highly effective in conveying the message of Ubuntu.  We are happy to have met our goal — to create an attractive, premium $30 tshirt that everyone would want to wear.

See all 5 tshirt designs by Ashley Strong »

What do you think?

Here is how Kickstarter works:

  • If you’d like to purchase a tshirt (or the entire set of 5), please put in your order by December 18th.
  • If we meet the minimum fundraising goal of $1000 by December 18th, tshirt orders will ship in early January.  If we don’t meet the goal by that date, your credit card will not be charged.

So, please help us spread the word, so that we can be successful in this campaign :)

Half of all proceeds from the tshirts will go toward funding our project to address trauma (PTSD) among refugees and immigrants living here in Southern California.

Thank you for your support.

With gratitude,

Barbara & Anshul
Founders, Living Ubuntu
(949) 891-2005

[Ubuntu] n.
Every human being truly becomes a human by means of relationships with other human being.


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