Living Ubuntu Summer Body Group on Stress & Trauma


Hi everyone,

As I was thinking about our upcoming Living Ubuntu Summer Body Group and trying to come up with what I was going to say in this email, Scarlet O’Hara in Gone With The Wind came to mind:  “I can’t think about that right now.  If I do, I’ll go crazy.  I’ll think about that tomorrow.”

Now, setting aside how much that quote might apply to how I feel about writing emails, it also seemed to fit our topic, “I can’t keep pushing it away anymore.”

We all procrastinate, but what happens when that stops working?  We are good at coping, adapting, surviving, bearing up, holding it together, keeping things at bay, compartmentalizing, thinking about something else, changing the subject, staying really busy on purpose, rationalizing, pushing it away (whatever “it” is)…

But what happens when all of our best, most prized and cherished defensive strategies fail us?  And they will… they always do… eventually…

In our upcoming Summer Body Group we are going to talk about stress and trauma and the challenges we face in everyday life in this society.  Beyond talking, much of the time we will be using Bioenergetic grounding exercises and Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) in order to address how chronic and traumatic stress get held in the body.  We will be getting together to create an environment where there is permission and emotional support to “just say it”, “feel it”, and over time, “let it go”.

So, even if you can’t think about it right now, maybe you could think about it tomorrow… think about joining us.  All details are below and on our website.

Phew (glad I got this done before the week”end”),

Barbara English
Executive Director, Living Ubuntu
(949) 891-2005

“Procrastination is like masturbation.
At first it feels good, but in the end you’re only screwing yourself.”

~ author unknown

. . .


“I can’t keep pushing it away anymore”

Using TRE to heal the trauma of everyday living

“My normal way of coping just doesn’t work anymore.”
“There is never enough time. I can’t keep up with life.”
“How can I stop worrying all the time?”
“Why can’t I get a good night’s sleep?”
“I’m tired of trying the same thing again and again. Where is the joy?”

Living Ubuntu Summer Body Group
July – September 2012
6 sessions on Sunday afternoons (2:00p-4:30p)

Orange County, CA

Starts Sunday, July 8th
see all dates »

This Living Ubuntu Summer Body Group series will be experiential and offered in a casual setting. It will emphasize Bioenergetic body-centered methods to help us get in touch with these experiences, learn to stay more grounded, and help bring change and healing into our wounded and stuck places.

Barbara English is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist with over 20 years of experience in the field.  As a Certified Bioenergetic Therapist, she works from a mind-body perspective, and utilizes relational somatic methods as part of the process toward healing and a sense of well-being.  Much of her training has focused on Early Development, Infant Mental Health, and healing after abuse or trauma.  She is the co-founder and Executive Director of Living Ubuntu.

Find out more at

Questions?  Contact us at (949) 891-2005 or

* * *

[Ubuntu] n. Every human being truly becomes a human by means of relationships with other human beings. 

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