I can’t keep pushing it away anymore


“I can’t keep pushing it away anymore”

Using TRE to heal the trauma of everyday living

When cognitive just isn’t enough
When intellectualizing has let me down

When optimism and positivity keep me trapped
When compartmentalizing no longer works

Hi everyone,

In 2004, when I was ruminating about global trauma and how our paradigm for healing could be different, I had the synchronous good fortune to meet Dr. David Berceli, someone already operating from that different paradigm I had been pondering.  He had created a method now referred to as Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) and was using it to help people recover from cumulative and traumatic stress in many of the world’s worst conflict zones.

My own experience of learning and consistently practicing TRE had a profoundly healing impact on me.  As a long-term sufferer of PTSD, my symptoms were greatly reduced, I felt calmer than I knew was possible, and my capacity for tolerating stressful situations greatly increased.  Since then I have taught TRE to over 1000 individuals, and heard many stories of relief on account of it.

We focus on many things in Living Ubuntu, yet continue to emphasize recovering from trauma as part of our core mission.  Having said that, I am excited to let you know that this summer’s 6-session workshop series will focus on stress and trauma.

“I can’t keep pushing it away anymore”
Living Ubuntu Summer Body Group (July – Sept 2012)

We will be utilizing grounding exercises, talking about personal experiences and how and why the body often gets stuck in these experiences.  Additionally, the primary focus of the group will be the use of TRE for our own personal recovery.

All details are below and on our website.  To create a safe, secure space, we are limiting attendance to 10 people.  If there is any financial hardship, please get in touch with us.  We will gladly make arrangements to suit your situation.


Barbara English, Executive Director
Living Ubuntu

Barbara English is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist with over 20 years of experience in the field.  As a Certified Bioenergetic Therapist, she works from a mind-body perspective, and utilizes relational somatic methods as part of the process toward healing and a sense of well-being.  Much of her training has focused on Early Development, Infant Mental Health, and healing after abuse or trauma.  She is the co-founder and Executive Director of Living Ubuntu.

. . .

“I can’t keep pushing it away anymore”

Using TRE to heal the trauma of everyday living

Living Ubuntu Summer Body Group
July – September 2012
6 sessions on Sunday afternoons (2:00p-4:30p)

Orange County, CA
Starts Sunday, July 8th
see all dates »

This Living Ubuntu Summer Body Group series will be experiential and offered in a casual setting. It will emphasize Bioenergetic body-centered methods to help us get in touch with these experiences, learn to stay more grounded, and help bring change and healing into our wounded and stuck places.

Find out more at  http://livingubuntu.org/events

Questions?  Contact us at (949) 891-2005 or info@livingubuntu.org

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong;
but sometimes it is letting go.”

– Hermann Hesse

* * *

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