Sudan: They Can’t Wait

Hi everyone,

Okay, so… just curious here… both of the below news stories came out in the past few days.

Santorum Ally Friess Praises Old-School ‘Contraceptive’: Aspirin Between Knees

UNSC calls on Sudan and SPLM-N to allow aid into war affected areas

Which one did you hear more about?

Issues related to contraception are important, and tend to push a few buttons in the way the topic gets handled publicly, especially lately.

Yet, by comparison, with so many lives at stake, why do we hear so little about mass atrocities and risk of large-scale famine?

A U.S. Presidential election year seems like a great opportunity for highlighting foreign and domestic issues of great importance, yet, that doesn’t always seem to happen.  Petty squabbles and policy-posturing sometimes steal the show from opportunities to explore things of deeper significance.

No one in U.S. politics makes human rights a top campaign priority.  Unfortunately, that means genocidaires may feel free to seize the moment when no one is really paying attention to their systematic eliminationism.

If we see our politics as a reflection of where we are as a people, the next question is, what lies within us inadvertently contributing to creating and supporting the very things we hate most externally?  And, what do we as individuals need to do to change that?

To take action in support of the people in Sudan:  They Can’t Wait.

Thank you,

Barbara English
Executive Director, Living Ubuntu


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