Living Ubuntu Fall Retreat (Sep 2011)

Lifting the mask. Living Ubuntu Fall Retreat (Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2011)

Lifting the mask. Living Ubuntu Fall Retreat (Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2011)

Hi everyone,

The next Living Ubuntu Fall Retreat will be from Friday, September 30 – Sunday, October 2.  The theme for this retreat is Lifting The Mask: Freeing our genuine self held captive underneath the façade.

Have you noticed that our culture is a bit obsessed with image and status? Where is the authenticity? What is the price we are paying to go along with these ridiculous standards?

Many times I have seen the deep pain in people who no longer feel good enough just being who they are… or maybe they never did. Fearing they have failed in the competition to be attractive enough, rich enough, successful enough, popular enough, shame follows, and it can be unbearable.

Often we hide the truth about who we really are. Most of us learned early-on how to develop and wear whatever mask we needed to. To this day we still hide our feelings. We conceal our needs. We put a fake expression on. It shows up in acting like we like something when we don’t. It also shows up in becoming the expert performer when we just want to let down and “be”. It’s as if there is some external standard we are measured up against, and sometimes we don’t quite make it.

See pictures from our past retreats

We all need a good social or adaptive self to get by with in this world. Yet some of us have forgotten, or never learned, how to just be who we really are. Sometimes it feels terrifying to be that vulnerable and let others know the truth… to reveal our genuine self. Tormented by a lack of permission within, and the fear deep down that we are unworthy of love just the way we are, we stay hidden. Surrounded by the abundant expectations of others, we mask our true feelings, thoughts, and desires.

We pay a price in lost spontaneity and pleasure. Sometimes life becomes a heavy burden, or just dreadfully lifeless and routine. And ultimately, we lose out on deep meaningful connections with others, and love, because no one really knows the real us.

Some of the topics we will cover at this retreat include:

  • The role of the body in masking and un-masking our genuine self.
  • Self-expression and the vulnerability that comes with it.
  • Recognizing inner messages that keep us stuck and what to do about them.
  • Bringing healing into areas of deep pain and shame.
  • Reaching out to others: resisting societal pressures and finding support for our genuine needs.

The small group experience of the retreat will combine psycho-educational aspects with body work, hiking and organic vegetarian meal preparation. It is intended to provide a time for letting down, exploring ourselves, and connecting with each other more deeply than our typical daily lives allow for. Below are all the details. Space is limited. Please let us know soon if you would like to join us.


Barbara English
Living Ubuntu

Lifting The Mask
Freeing our genuine self held captive underneath the façade

The Eagles Nest Retreat House in Lake Arrowbear, CA

The Living Ubuntu Fall Retreat will be in Lake Arrowbear, CA. Click to see more pictures of the cabin.

Friday, September 30 – Sunday, October 2

At a cabin right on Lake Arrowbear, CA.  Here are the cabin details.

$150 per person. This includes meals (lunch and dinner) and room. If there is any financial hardship, please let us know and we can work with you on the cost.


Barbara English is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist with over 20 years of experience in the field. As a Certified Bioenergetic Therapist, she works from a mind-body perspective, and utilizes relational somatic methods as part of the process toward healing and a sense of wellbeing. Much of her training has focused on Early Development, Infant Mental Health, and healing after abuse or trauma. She is the co-founder and Executive Director of Living Ubuntu.

Like at our past retreats, we will:

  • Arrive at the cabin by mid-day on Friday and leave for home on Sunday afternoon. We will arrange a carpool to drive up together (leaving Friday morning) as well.
  • Lunch and dinner will be provided, as well as partial supplies for breakfast (on your own). Everything will be organic and vegetarian.
  • The daily schedule will include multiple sessions of body work (e.g. grounding exercises, stretching, and TRE).
  • Most bedrooms will be shared (i.e. with roommate).
  • To create a safe, secure space, we are limiting attendance to no more than 9 people.

To register, please contact us at or call (949) 891-2005.  Space is limited and 50% deposit is due by August 31st. 

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