Living the life of the body

“The concept of energy is foreign to and rejected by many people raised in the West.  And why shouldn’t that be, when so often all a person is aware of in their own body is their tensions, as varied as those tensions maybe?  Many people are unaccustomed to sensing themselves; they may be unaware of the distinctions between sensation, emotions, and thought.  It is as if they are locked in only one tiny room of a mansion, and have misplaced the keys.

“To actually perceive the fine energies flowing through the body would mean reestablishing those long-lost ties with sensation.  It is a process that can’t be done for us, we can’t send our body in for a tune-up as we send in our automobile.  For real contact to be established, the nervous system must mature.  We have to pay the price of becoming aware of ourselves  –  as we are.”

– Liz Koch (The Psoas Book)

Hi everyone,

Ubuntu Group

Ubuntu Group. Every month in Orange County and San Diego.

Often I wonder if the practice of TRE at our Ubuntu group is accomplishing its intended purpose.  The intention is to provide a time to get together once a month for a group sharing of the experience, as well as pave the way for being more present with each other when sharing our personal stories.  My concern is that over time it has come to be thought of as a method practiced only once a month when at the Ubuntu group.

Whether or not we are conscious of it, we all carry cumulative stress and trauma in our bodies and it requires practice time and time again to release it and recover from it. Often this requires great commitment in order to truly bring our bodies back into a healthy natural state.  The daily, or near daily practice of allowing our body to release what it has encountered and held onto can accomplish the miraculous.  Then when we gather together as a group, we are not starting from scratch each month in re-awakening the body, we are building the momentum of love and consciousness growing greater over time.  TRE is just a tool.  Living life in our bodies is an ongoing lifestyle.

Barbara English


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