Living Ubuntu Retreat in October 2010

Hi everyone,

We have finalized most details for the retreat this October.  We will be staying at this cabin in Crestline.  Here are the details.

Our cabin for Living Ubuntu Retreat in Oct 2010

Cabin at Lake Gregory in Crestline
5 bedroom, 4 baths

Due to a late cancellation, we now have 1 more additional space available for the retreat. Thanks for the responses everyone.  The retreat is now full.  

Like past retreats,

  • We will leave on Friday morning (October 1), and carpool up the mountains together.
  • Fee for the retreat is $130.  This includes all food and accommodation.  However, if there is any financial hardship, please let us know.  We will work with you on the expense.

The theme this time around is our relationship to nature and our environment. Below is a brief writeup by Barbara.  Please let either of us know soon if you are interested in joining us.  Thank you.

Anshul Mittal
Living Ubuntu
(949) 891-2005

Living Ubuntu Retreat

Friday October 1 – Sunday October 3, 2010

Our interconnectedness within our self, with each other, and natural world we live in

Fee:  $130
Fee includes lodging and healthy tasty veggie meals from mid-day Friday through mid-day Sunday.
If you have any financial hardship, please let us know.  We will work with you on the expenses.

We will leave Friday morning, arrive by lunch time at the retreat house, and stay through lunch and clean up on Sunday, leaving for the trip back home in the early afternoon.

The retreat is intended to provide a safe environment for deeper exploration of a variety of issues that impact our lives and relationships.  Grounding exercises, TRE and experiential exercises are practiced daily so as to optimize the ability to be present with our own process and with each other.

For more information, visit

“…denial of the environment parallels the denial of the reality of the bod…  By improving the flow of energy within the body, we increase our sensitivity, awareness, creativity, compassion, and humility — we become more vibrantly alive and aware of our interconnectivity. Without felt access to the body’s vibrancy, the mind becomes disconnected from not only the body, but also from nature and others. Such a dissociated mind… [allows] disinterest toward the environmental destruction that is currently ravaging our planet or, worse, allowing active participation in this destruction without any sense of feeling about the horrific damage being done.

“… As the undeveloped countries increasingly adopt Western lifestyles… the natural and environmental resources of our planet will simply be insufficient—and, as a species and as a planet, we will become increasingly stressed, possibly to the point of destruction.

“For those in touch with the feelings in their bodies, and sensitive to the environment, recognition of this reality can only be painful. Instead of running from our pain in denial, which leads to deadness, [we need to encourage] people to face their issues and problems with integrity and courage. …we have to harmonize with the natural forces, internal and external, or pay the high cost. Sensitive and reasonable people are increasingly seeing this as the crisis of our age.

“…part of the solution has to help people develop greater feelings for their interconnections with the environment and other people.”

– Frederic Lowen

* * *


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