Birthday celebration for the ICC this Saturday, July 17th

Hi everyone,

ICC issues second arrest warrant for Omar Bashir for genocide

ICC issues second arrest warrant for Omar Bashir for genocide

Last year, the International Criminal Court (ICC) indicted Omar Al-Bashir, President of Sudan, for crimes against humanity and war crimes. Just yesterday, the court saw fit to accuse him of genocide and issued a second warrant for his arrest. This is a perfect example of why we need global institutions like the ICC so that genocidaires like Mr. Bashir will be held accountable. This deserves a celebration!

Too often our events don’t allow much time to really converse or connect with one another. This coming Saturday evening, we are hosting a get-together to celebrate the 10th birthday of the ICC. It’ll give us a chance to talk over dinner, enjoy good food, wine and dessert and then watch the excellent documentary, The Reckoning. All details are below.

We would love to have you here with us.


Barbara & Anshul
Living Ubuntu | blog | facebook

10th Birthday Celebration of the International Criminal Court (ICC)


Saturday, July 17th
6:00p Dinner

screening of The Reckoning

Barbara and Betsy’s house
in Aliso Viejo Suggested contribution of

This is a mini-fundraiser for Living Ubuntu. And a chance to get to know the volunteer team behind all our events. The dinner will be home-made, vegetarian and undeniably delectable :)

Seating is extremely limited at the house. We can accommodate no more than 20 people. For more information, please call us at (949) 891-2005.

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