Feedback from Tarra Stariell’s workshop on stress, overwhelm and dissociation

No time to think, No time to breathe... Is this Me?

Workshop by Tarra Stariell (Saturday, June 5th). Click to see pictures from the event.

Last month, Tarra Stariell presented — No time to think, No time to breathe… Is this Me?,  a workshop on the chronic stress and overwhelm so many of us face in the world today.

Below is some of the feedback from participants.

I am so appreciative to have received the information and experience that was offered today.  I understand more, look forward to reviewing what I received at home and with my therapist.  Thanks for this piece of my healing journey.
–  Megan

Interesting + informative.  I can use these exercises to relieve stress – actually take them and use them.  Tarra, great presentation!
–  Chrys

Very well done.  Great pace!
–  Diana

I appreciated the spontaneity and teaching off of the list.  The info was great, but reading directly from the ppt instead of a lecture was a bit boring.
–  Anonymous

Loved it!!!  Was thankful for the ending exercises and getting grounded.

Great job!  I loved this seminar! I am very thankful we didn’t spend 20 minutes a person doing the dyad. Whew! For a three hour seminar that would have been way too long. Thank you for standing up and reminding Tarra of the time. I loved the venue, the room was comfortable and all inclusive. The staff from Living Ubuntu and SCIBA were very open and approachable. Very thankful for the granola bars at break. Overall this was a great experience. I can’t wait for the next seminar!! Bummed I missed the first two in the series. And … everything happens for a reason. See you in October.
–  Karen

Well prepared, succinct and to the point of managing healthfully life’s stressful events, joyful ones too.  Really enjoyed the experiential exercises.
–  Dorothy

Great service to the community; liked learning about Ubuntu & SCIBA.  Great experiential exercises and good group of participants.  Could have been longer & parking was a problem.
–  Anonymous

Great event.  It seemed different that what was advertised (theme)… Nonetheless, great!
–  Anonymous

Really a great little seminar!  I look forward to attending more like it.  Thank you Tarra, the summary of theoretical background coupled with very applicable techniques = GREAT.
A small binder clip on packet would be helpful as packet was a pinch thick… :)  Oh yes, and box of tissues to use as needed.  Some emotions bust loose during dyad experience.
–  Sara

Perhaps a 4 hour workshop rather than 3.  Thanks.  Just touched the surface on trauma exercises.
–  Anonymous

Great! The material was educational, experiential, and extremely practical. It gave us the starting place for a first step; something to take home and begin to use to help ourselves as well as a place to begin learning more.  Also very valuable: support from others who need help in this area and are open to learning and a place to find individual help in the form of the Living Ubuntu group or a Bioenergetic therapist should we desire either.  I would love to see Tarra do a Part II to this workshop.  The material is so rich and she is such a good presenter.
– Jan

Organizers of the workshop by Tarra Stariell (June 2010)

Organizers of the workshop. We missed you Terri :(

See all pictures from the event.


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