Early registration for Tarra Stariell’s Workshop ends this Saturday, May 29th

Hi everyone,

No time to think, No time to breathe... Is this me? (Saturday, June 5th)

Workshop by Tarra Stariell on Saturday, June 5th in San Diego

We hope you will join us for the upcoming event No Time To Think, No Time to Breathe… Is this me? by Tarra Stariell. This workshop is intended for those of us who:

  • are chronically busy, over-scheduled and overwhelmed
  • feel like they are going through life on “autopilot”
  • get lost in carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders
  • are a double-booker, multi-tasker and always running late
  • have a difficult relationship with their body (everything hurts)
  • want more “me” time but always find ways to put it off

and, don’t have time to attend this workshop :)

Early registration ($40) ends this Saturday, May 29th. If there are any financial concerns, please do get in touch with us.  This workshop series is a service to the community and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. All details are on the website.

Also, we do offer discounts to non-profits and organizations that are interested in sending their members. Please contact us for group discounts. Hope you will find the space to join us.

Barbara & Anshul
Living Ubuntu
livingubuntu.org | blog | facebook

“If we grasped the truth that we are our bodies, we would not tolerate the emotional tortures that we inflict upon ourselves individually and collectively, that twist and deaden our bodies, or that addict us to stimulation. Nor would we bear the body-crippling environment that our culture is creating…

We bear these crimes against ourselves by denying the life of the body, and think of ourselves as worn out or defective machines.”

– Stanley Keleman

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