No time to think, No time to breathe… Is this me? (Saturday, June 5 2010)

“I believe emotions are like mud and encrusted dirt covering a beautifully clear and multi-faceted diamond. Washing away our emotions, reveals the love and joy-filled being we are underneath. The path to this natural state involves expressing our emotions — no matter how ugly or shameful we judge them to be . . .”
– Tarra Stariell

Hi everyone,

As part of the Living Ubuntu / SCIBA collaborative workshop series, so far this year we have had Mac Eaton present on anxiety. And Vincentia Schroeter explored how to deal with loss and heartbreak.

We noticed how many of you told us you wanted to attend one or more of our past workshops, but couldn’t fit it into your schedule. Many of you were already juggling too many other things you needed to do. A few of you were already double-booked. Some of you were multi-tasking even as you read the emails.

So we decided to present a workshop on our ridiculously busy lives, and the risk of losing our selves in the process. Now it goes without saying that you want to attend, but just don’t know how to fit it in, and that is the point :) If you don’t have time for this, you are the one that needs to be there!

No Time to Think, No Time to Breathe… Is this me? presented by Tarra Stariell, Saturday June 5th in San Diego. All information is below and on the website.

We hope you will be able to join us (but understand if you can’t 01.gif)

Barbara & Anshul
Living Ubuntu | blog | facebook

No time to think, No time to breathe…

Is this me?


Tarra Stariell

No time to think, No time to breathe... Is this me?

presented by

Living Ubuntu
Southern California Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis

Saturday, June 5 2010
9:00a – 12:00p

University of San Diego
Manchester Conference Center
5998 Alcala Park I
San Diego, CA 92110

Why is it so hard to keep up? Where is the time for me? Why do I feel so lost in my own life?

Join us for a workshop about our overwhelmed lives and how to find our way back to a healthy balance. This is a not-for-profit event. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Advance registration is required. Please visit for more information.

* * *


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