Feedback from Vincentia Schroeter’s workshop on Loss, Disappointment and Heartbreak

Facing Disappointment: Heatbreak in your life, your community, your world (Saturday, April 24 2010)

Workshop by Vincentia Schroeter (Saturday, April 24 2010). Click to see all pictures.

Last week, we were glad to have Vincentia Schroeter present her workshop — Facing Disappointment: Heartbreak in your life, your community, your world. I think most everyone who attended had a very positive, meaningful experience.

Here is some of the feedback.

Thank you so much for this.  It gives me hope for a new direction of freeing up my stuckness in life + healing my grief, the loss of my “love”, most of all, and he cumulative grief from my life…
– Karen

I loved being connected to others in the room, hearing their stories and listening to their voices.  I also loved that there was a focus on experience and not too much information/theory (It was more body + heart than the head).
– Moira

I enjoyed it.  Nice tempo/pace.  Welcome moments of relief/release.
– Ted

I liked it + got some good things from it.  It wasn’t as deep or powerful as I had hoped, but maybe that was me.  I would have liked more encouragement for people at the end to share their personal reactions rather than asking information questions, sharing plus demonstrating breathing techniques, etc…
– Gretchen

Very informative.  I think this event helped address a lot of important issues and helped me to find a place of peace within myself.
– Anonymous

Wonderful.  I appreciate the different views and ways of experiencing and learning about myself.
– Mark

Excellent!  Thank you.
– Sharon

It would have been helpful to have had an outline of what was to be covered… Didn’t quite get how what was covered provided tools for dealing with serious issues or how applied to global world issues.
– Anonymous

I liked it a lot.  Needed more time!  Vin is always a valuable speaker and leader.  I so appreciate her knowledge and kindness.
– Laurie

I really loved the community.
– Megan

A smaller group would be more effective and maybe a little longer.  More [about] how to transport tools wit you and use on a regular basis.
–  Anonymous

The topic is so relevant and needed more attention to how to move through grief.  I felt an important connection was made regarding mind/emotion/body + loss but not how or what to do from there.  I expected to learn more techniques and also to spend more time experiencing grief.  (Maybe this needs to be an all day event).  Your teaching style is excellent!  Loved that you brought your poetry to your teaching :)
– Anonymous

Great space for reconnecting – and for recognizing that I could do a lot more work.
– Terry

Overall very helpful.  Maybe a little more time with actual body work.  I would be interested in exploring more about bioenergtics.  Money well spent.
– Pat

Organizers of the workshop -- Barbara, Vincentia, Terri, Diane and Anshul.

Organizers of the workshop -- Barbara, Vincentia, Terri, Diane and Anshul.

Click here to see pictures from the event.


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