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Hi everyone,

When Anxiety Holds You Back (January 2010)

When Anxiety Holds You Back (January 2010)

Being in the company of Mac Eaton has always been a pleasure. His workshop on anxiety last month proved to be an enlightening and reassuring experience for the attendees, and we, the organizers benefitted too. Click here to see the feedback and pictures from the event.

Last week some of us attended the screening of the film War Child, put on by the Huntington Beach Reads One Book program. If you haven’t seen this film, we hope you will. In our Orange County For Darfur campaign, we have seen a lot of documentaries on the suffering in Sudan, but this one in particular really stands out. It is not just informative, but does a really good job of telling the human story of Emmanuel Jal, former child soldier, present day rapper, along with the stories of those in his family.

There was one scene in the film where Emmanuel was addressing Congressional staffers. He mentioned what happens if an issue only registers on the intellectual level: you forget about it quickly. On the other hand, when an issue registers in your body in a way that you feel it in your heart, it stays with you and elicits passion. Often, that is what we are aiming for in Living Ubuntu.

In the next couple of months, we will be launching various events that highlight and explore issues that affect us individually, as a community, or play out globally. Our hope is to make the hidden connections between such issues more visible… what affects you, affects me, affects all of us.

Thank you for being involved with us.

Barbara & Anshul
Living Ubuntu
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PS: If you’d like to get updates from Orange County For Darfur simply send an email to bannerfordarfur-join

::: upcoming events :::

Facing Disappointment: Heartbreak in your life, you community, your world by Vincentia Schroeter, Phd
Saturday, April 24 2010

What does it mean when we keep hurting? Why do some people move on more easily than others? How can we deal better with painful losses, in order to carry on? In this workshop we will explore the nature of heartbreak on many levels and help participants recover from this pain.

No Time to Think, No Time to Breathe… Is This Me?
by Tarra Judson Stariell, MFT, CBT
Saturday, June 5 2010

A workshop about our overwhelmed lives and how to manage the demands our choices place upon us without losing ourselves in the process.


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