Feedback from Mac’s workshop in January 2010

When Anxiety Holds You Back by Mac Eaton (Saturday, January 30th 2010)

When Anxiety Holds You Back by Mac Eaton (Saturday, January 30th 2010)

This past January, Mac Eaton presented, When Anxiety Holds You Back in Orange County.  I think most people had a moving time and walked away with some valuable insights.  Click here to see all pictures from the event.

Here is some feedback from people who attended.

I felt uplifted after this event.  I wanted to take everybody home with me. I used one of the movement techniques to distress on Monday afternoon–and one of my coworkers connected to it.
– Karen

I thought it was extremely encouraging! I feel I now have tools that will definately help me with anxiety. I feel this could be life changing.
– Jan

I think Mac did a wonderful job. Easy to learn and so heartfelt. I loved that it was experiential. It made it very powerful.
–  Laurie

I thought Mac had a lot of really good and interesting material to present; however,  I felt the time was too short. It took almost half the class time to do the exercises and go around the room for sharing. I thought Mac was very generous letting anyone ask questions but unfortunately people abuse this invitation and use if for free therapy time. I would have liked to have questions saved for the end and the sharing time restricted.  I know this is difficult.
–  Eileen

The workshop was great. Mac connects with his people and not only enlightens about how to reduce anxiety but also demonstrates it so everyone can do it. Thanks for including me in on this wonderful technique.
– Korean

I am so glad people had a meaningful time.  And I hope everyone realizes that this workshop was organized with all volunteer effort (Barbara, Terri, Diane and me).  Mac, thank you for your generosity in offering this workshop.  It is truly a gift.

Anshul Mittal
Living Ubuntu


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