“I Dreamed That Love Would Never Die” by Vincentia Schroeter

What does it means when it keeps hurting?

Why do some people tend to “get over it” more easily than others?

When will this pain end?

Last week, we were honored to have Vincentia Schroeter, PhD present a workshop on heartbreak  — I Dreamed That Love Would Never Die.  I think everyone who attended had a deep, meaningful experience. 

Click here to see pictures from the event. Here is some feedback from some of the attendees.

This event was satisfying. Vin is an excellent teacher. The only thing I might have changed was the length. It’s hard, if not impossible, to present that amount of material in 3 hours, especially for those new to the process.  Blessings on all you do to put light into the world.
– Rande

Helpful and beneficial.
– Lei

Below is some thoughts from Vincentia after the workshop.

Dear Attendees,

I was touched by the depth of sharing you all showed at the heartbreak workshop last weekend. We went through many concepts and experiences in 3 short hours.  I want to reinforce some of those concepts.  it is  important to  respect where you are in your grief. The stages mentioned were numbness, disorganized, and re-organizing. I recommend grounding (like we did over the “eyeballs”) whenever you feel un-centered. Grounding is a Bioenergetic concept meaning to literally feel your feet more on the ground. When you feel your feet, you are better able to handle whatever pain you are going through. The final concept I want to reinforce is my “bucket theory”.  When you need to cry, but are holding back tears, you will feel an uncomfortable pressure. It is beneficial to create a safe environment in which to “empty the bucket” whenever it fills with those tears. Reaching out to others to support you is also beneficial.

If you feel particularly fragile, do not hesitate to seek professional help. Resources for therapists can be found on the bioenergetics-sciba.org website.

Vincentia Schroeter

Thank you everyone who joined us.  I look forward to seeing you at our future events.

:) Anshul


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