When Anxiety Holds You Back, by Mac Eaton

When Anxiety Holds You Back, by Mac Eaton (Saturday, July 25th 2009)

When Anxiety Holds You Back, by Mac Eaton (Saturday, July 25th 2009)

Our When Anxiety Holds You Back workshop by Mac Eaton was a tremendous success.   Click here to see all pictures from the event.

Here is some of the feedback from attendees.

Wonderful, Mac is so compassionate and I was thrilled to be there. It helped me so much.
– Elizabeth

I found the BOO technique most useful, not only with myself but with clients.  I thoroughly enjoy Dr. Mac Eaton.  He practices what he preaches; the calmative exercise makes much sense.  There was a relaxed atmosphere with the group of people from all walks of life, a freedom to ask questions and compassion and understanding from as needed.  I had a helpful experience.  Looking forward to Dr.Vin’s presentation.
– Dorothy

I was most impressed with Mac’s genuine compassion. He did a really nice job making everyone feel safe. I would have liked more explanation about the exercise moves and how they relate to alleviating anxiety. I already know a lot of this from my yoga practice, but I think it would have been helpful to elaborate a bit. I also think that diet, exercise and caffeine intake could have been addressed a bit more.  That is tough though because with only four hours you cannot cover everything, but maybe have a take home sheet you can give people with “TIPS to Treat Anxiety”…
– Julie

Many thanks to Barbara, Terri and Diane for helping to organize this event.  And to Mac for this wonderful gift to the community.

I hope you are able to join us for the next workshop in this series — I Dreamed That Love Would Never Die, by Vincentia Schroeter.  Visit http://livingubuntu.org/events for more information.

Thank you :)

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